Future Projects

Chasing Rainbows - Some day I hope to fund and film "Chasing Rainbows" a screenplay I wrote that is your basic guy meets girl, guy saves girl from cannibals, girl saves family tropical fruit farm from developers sort of love story, with lots of adventure, druming, music and beautiful naked hippie chicks.

Master Gardeners of Paradise - a documentary series about the best orgainc farmers and farms in the tropics, starting in Kauai, Hawaii.

Patenting and producing my various clean energy inventions including the Toridal Tube Wave Dynamo, Dynamicaly Shrouded Wind Turbine, Three-Stroke Rotary Engine and the Tetrahedral Colliding Beam Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Financial Software “Forex Cyborg” bleeding-edge genetic artificial intelligence algorithms and software interfaces for exploiting FOREX trades. The FOREX is the largest market in the world, and potentially the most lucrative.