Film is a passion of mine. I love watching movies, I love making movies. Altogether my videos posted on the Internet have over two million hits. Here are a few videos I have made.

This one is about diet and health featuring Dr. Douglas Graham, Harley "Durianrider" Johnstone and Chris Kendall. I shot it a couple years ago at a health retreat in Washington State.

This one has over half a million hits on YouTube. It is a regae music video for the song "Love In the House" by The Lambsbread. I produced,directed, filmed and edited it a few years ago on some pretty primative equipment with no budget.

"Master Gardeners of Paradise" A concept video for a documentary series I hope to make about extraordinary organic farms and farmers of Kauai Hawaii


This next video is just an interview of Palani, a guy who helped me trying to rescue a drowning man in rough surf at Larson's beach on Kauai. We eventually got the guy ashore, alive, with a little help from the Coast Guard.


Jungle Janie - Banana Hunter

I love Janie, she's so cute healthy and fit. Here she shows how to properly chop down a banana stock.

"Teach Dem" another music video by The Lambsbread, I was again producer,director, camera operator and editor for this one.