Current Projects

Organic Permaculture Farm and Healing Retreat

Down a long dusty (sometimes muddy) dirt road on the island of Kauai I operate a small organic permaculture farm. It is a beautiful idylic setting with ponds and a year round stream wraping around it. Someday, years from now when the road is paved, I hope to make it into a healing retreat where people may stay and rejuvinate with fasting, natural foods and bodywork. In the meantime we are developing a market garden and looking for experienced full time WWOOFers.

Inventions: I am seeking the time and money to prototype and test three of my new inventions:

Toridal Tube Wave Dynamo

The oceans of the world have the realistic potential to generate about 2 Terrawatts of clean electrical power (currently the entire world's yearly consumption of power is about 15 Terrawatts). This invention floats on the waves either as a bouy or on a boat and harnesses the energy inherent in the waves.

Dynamicaly Shrouded Wind Turbine

An innovative approach for harnessing wind power.

Three-Stroke Rotary Engine

An improved, cleaner, greener, more efficient kind of internal combustion engine.

Video/Media Projects:

Master Gardeners of Paradise – a documentary feature about the incredibly productive and environmentally beneficial organic farms of Kauai, Hawaii.

Chasing Rainbows - a screenplay I wrote and would like to make into a feature film.